How can a digital merchant remain competitive in an environment dominated by Amazon? How to deliver goods to customers in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost? A distributed order management system accepts and prioritizes orders from multiple sales channels while optimizing multi-channel fulfillment, enabling merchants to provide consistent delivery experiences across all channels and to put all of their inventory to work.

Consumers don’t like waiting, and omni-channel commerce is now a basic competitive requirement. It allows merchants to better understand their customers and deliver a seamless and personalized experience. However, enabling customers to buy from anywhere, pick up from anywhere and return to anywhere is an operational challenge—so is ensuring customers that they receive orders on time and in full for the lowest possible cost.

To overcome these challenges, merchants can use a distributed order management system, where orders are turned around faster and more accurately, inventory turns to increase, and shipping costs decrease.

In addition to providing some insight into the two very pressing questions above, our latest research on the distributed order management systems vertical also details our thoughts on:

  • Why DOMS is the need of the hour for omni-channel retailers
  • How the clear and present benefits of a DOMS are undeniable and larger, with legacy players beginning to take notice
  • Why BOPIS leaders need to create speedy experiences to keep customers coming back
  • How multinational behemoths are implementing DOMS technology
  • How logistics and supply chain players can enhance their offerings with DOMS capabilities

The full report can be downloaded here.


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