As consumers look for increased personalization in all aspects of commerce, and brands and suppliers seek new ways to leverage technology and augment traditional lackluster supply chains, Print-on-Demand has significant implications across the retail and ecommerce value chain.

ComCap has been active in Print-on-Demand, and our report explores the opportunities, trends, select players, and case studies, and is intended to foster dialogue between startups, strategics, and investors interested in the sector.

Our report covers: 

  • The increasingly larger role PoD is taking in ecommerce and how this trend is likely to continue as new-age ecommerce and internet entrepreneurs look for innovative ways to compete with larger, established players
  • How the ease of use, low barriers to entry, and a near level playing field for new entrants is expanding the market, prompting even large companies to offer PoD products
  • How PoD is enabling an entire generation of “long tail sellers” to establish low cost ecommerce operations without ever having to manage a supply chain or touch their physical inventory
  • Wins and losses in PoD investing abound as some players see massive exits, others falter, and new entrants seek to expand categories, differentiate their offerings, and take their share of the growing pie
  • With advancing technology and assets that could scale with the right platform, the market is ripe for consolidation, as there are numerous platform opportunities in market with dozens of bolt-on acquisition targets, and many more…

The full report can be downloaded here.


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