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Stratospheric growth of online markets and exciting new developments for 2022

May 11, 2022
ComCap Perspectives on marketplaces  Growth in the online markets, which was already impressive prior to COVID, has indeed taken off, and that trend is expected to continue. A recent estimate…

Retailers are now competing with pureplay eCommerce players and software companies for talent and capabilities

April 22, 2022
I recently read a great article by Target CIO Mike McNamara titled “Technology is too important to outsource” (CIO Magazine March 2022) where Mr. McNamara argues that technology needs to…

ComCap hosts its third annual DNVB Forum at Shoptalk

January 4, 2022
Shoptalk Highlights Now in its third year, Shoptalk has undoubtedly become one of the premier events for companies in the digital retail and eCommerce ecosystem. Whether fresh on the scene…

DNVB financing activity is weaker than it appears

September 24, 2021
WELCOME TO THE CLIP! This is our new bi-weekly newsletter where we do a deep dive into a digital commerce topic. Each issue is a unique and timely analysis, never…

Report on Digital Commerce Agencies and Implications for Retailers, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

February 15, 2021
Here at ComCap our work extends across the digital retail landscape, we work with retailers, marketplaces, software providers, payments providers, and logistics companies. We also work with agencies and systems…

Retail Boards: Where Are The Digital Experts?

October 10, 2019
The boards of directors for most of the leading US retailers and restaurant chains have a surprisingly low number of members with digital experience. For the top 100 consumer chains,…

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